SoulMonic Sound Healing with Three Trees

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Drums, Flutes and Didgeridoos line the dimly lit pathway to the entrance of the Sound Healing Room. We are greeted by Three Trees, the host of the SoulMonic experience… He greets us with an Añjali Mudrā or Pranamasana, a slight bow and hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the chest. This greeting means, “I bow to the DIVINE in you.”

His excitement to share his home for the evening is incredible. It’s as if every step, every turn, every decision… Has led us to this doorstep and he receives us with a greeting that most people would only provide to a dear old friend.

Prior to entering into the recently saged room, shoes are removed… And as we enter this sacred, quiet space- we select one of 20 yoga mats to observe, meditate and heal from. Within 15 minutes, the room is buzzing with new arrivals… Some newcomers that have never been here before and also familiar faces. The positive, creative energy is tangible. Beautiful. A collective energy formed by the individuality of each spirit…

Eva, the partner of Three Trees appears with open arms and blessings… Another unique and lovely being with such wonderful energy!

After a few minutes, the lights are dimmed and Three Trees shares a few thoughts, ideas and guiding words. He instructs us to embrace the healing… That the sounds, beats, rhythm of his instruments will take each of us on a journey. Each individual’s journey will be different and unique. He also explains that we might feel our body experience heating and cooling as our body releases, cleanses and pulls in new energy. A prayer opens the session and you feel the release of stress… Inhale, Exhale. Inhale, Exhale.

The beating of the drums, the haunting and deeply rooted sound of the didgeridoo, the angelic and heavenly pitch of the crystal singing bowls… Pulls me away from reality and into a safe and secure place to dream.

My mind is positioned between being completely conscious and awake and in a dream like lucid state of mind. I would like to believe this is when your mind is OPEN to enlightenment and growth. My mind wanders…
A montage of beautiful intentions.

Three Trees ends the session with another prayer to Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon… And then he quietly whispers.. “We thank you…… We thank you………… We thank you.”

It is truly a divine journey.

Wrapping up the evening, you can feel a lighter, happier energy in the room.
The session is concluded with hugs and well wishes and a quick greeting from Marley, the big eyed dog of Eva and Three Trees. 🙂

Reflecting back, this Sound Healing Session is not just an amazingly unique and intimate concert but an experience of a lifetime.

We were fortunate enough to capture some of these moments…

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